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Ep. 522 – Ryan Peck (Assoc Vice Chancellor, Denver)

Understanding the goals of the University of Denver in athletics takes extra time, since their values are deeply rooted in their mission statement toward student-athletes. Their success isn’t as common place as one might think, as lacrosse’s 2015 national championship, 7 NCAA Titles For hockey, and 22 for skiing. This means Ryan Peck must pay close attention to fostering each of those priorities in terms of development and external affairs, especially with an across-the-board mentality toward unique sports and their branding opportunities. Peck discusses how the Denver brand is pushed out into the community, as well as ways that he fosters dynamic relationships with alumni over the giving choices that they make. Part of it also becomes a discussion on why Peck has an Associate Vice Chancellor title instead of the common athletic department ones, specifically to provide a continuity across campus in how each person is perceive and their role in the community. Twitter: @Ryan_Peck

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