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Ep. 529 – Gordon Krstacic (CEO, Glitnir Ticketing)

Glitnir Ticketing’s foundation in 2003 begin simply as a way to make it easier for smaller sports franchises to be able to sell tickets. CEO and Founder Gordon Krstacic has helped build Glitnir in Long Island, New York into one of only four MiLB-vendor approved ticket platforms. Krstacic sees the playing field as something that can only help increase sales, utilizing several boutique options in order to drive revenue, by implement not only C.R.M. options but also telephone sales measurements and other customizable contracts for the entire platform’s cohesive ecosystem. Krstacic shares his industry knowledge on what has helped drive ticket sales for the likes of the Indianapolis Indians, as well as how Glitnir’s social media aspects have increased the amount of data analytics per customer. Twitter: @GlitnirTicketng

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