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Ep. 535 – Dr. Bernie Mullin (President, Aspire Group)

Dr. Bernie Mullin has helped push the envelope in terms of sports business for over 40 years. He helped start one of the hallmarks of sports business education at the University of Massachusetts in the late-1970s, served as vice president for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies, was president of a minor league hockey team, SVP of the NBA’s Team Marketing & Business Operations (TMBO), president of a WNBA franchise, and even Vice Chancellor/Athletic Director of the University of Denver. If that wasn’t enough, Mullin launched the third-party ticket sales revolution in college athletics in 2007, creating the Aspire Group which has expanded to over 30 properties across the nation. Mullin shares his vision for where ticket sales, as well as marketing, in the college and sports space has to grow, especially on the mentality of young professionals working today. Mullin’s short hand working with college administrators, as well as the Aspire Group’s professional growth of its employees, has culminated in a wider development of revenue for athletic departments across the board.

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