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  1. September 7, 2015 at 2:28 pm — Reply

    Swamp Rabbits Fever! Fear the ears!

  2. […] In a recent, long-form interview on the Tao of Sports podcast, the team’s Executive Vice President Chris Lewis describes that that the name change (though controversial among some supporters) not only links the franchise to the community through one of its most locally resonant histories, it also provides a strong symbol that the team is committed to the community.  Furthermore, he notes that it is meant to spur local interest in the team – both from sponsors and the general public – and drive new merchandise sales.  Surprisingly, this turn towards local heritage has resonated across North America, with both American and Canadian sports media outlets – as well as a nationally-trending social media – covering the name change. […]

  3. […] a recent interview on the Tao of Sports podcast, Swamp Rabbits Executive Vice President Chris Lewis discussed the […]

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