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Ep. 547 – Jane Kleinberger (Founder, Spectra Ticketing)

Jane Kleinberger has seen the advent of ticketing from a computerized card system to a fully enhanced database, donor management, guest management as well as highly complex ticket delivery system with both online and mobile technology patron pass. Yes, she’s been at it a while, over 35 years with a company that originated as Paciolan and became the dominant ticket system in college athletics, now rebranded as Spectra Ticketing. Kleinberger shares her thoughts on the history of ticketing from the 1980s moving forward, covering not only the technological advances but also the new attitudes toward the ticket side of the industry. Kleinberger talks about the relationship building that she has been a part of, spanning over three decades from former Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne during his origins at San Diego State to Byrne’s son, Athletic Director Greg Byrne at the University of Arizona. Kleinberger also discusses her passion for trying to help athletic departments find the right people for their ticket office, as well as some of the issues facing women especially getting into the field and moving up through the ranks to positions of power. Twitter: @KleinbergerJane

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