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Ep. 548 – Dr. Andrew Zimbalist (Economics Professor, Smith College)

Dr. Andrew Zimbalist has managed to be at the forefront of several sports stories when they get to the economics sector, especially when it comes to stadiums and arenas being financed by taxpayer dollars. Zimbalist’s latest book, Circus Maximus, focuses in on the plight that is the I.O.C.’s Olympic Games and FIFA’s World Cup. Zimbalist shares his knowledge of the terrible deals that nations and various U.S. cities have crafted over the years in order to attract a rampant, out-of-control stadia financing plan, many times for facilities that are never used again after their 17-20 days of initial operation for either the Games or World Cup. Zimbalist talks about the issues current stadia financing plans in the United States, which he states have improved over the deals of the past, and how minor league facilities are typically better deals for municipalities overall because of the revenues generated.

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