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Ep. 550 – Brett Goldberg (Founder, TickPick)

Founding TickPick in 2011, Brett Goldberg discovered a secondary market ripe with opportunity to aggregate ticket listings. Goldberg discusses his beginnings in Wall Street finance, as well as forming a private company that has yet to go after mega seed funding. As a no-buyer fee site, Goldberg talks about how each broker engages with the secondary, prices their product, and how the consumer can feel safe while purchasing the product through the channels. Not all resales are always admirable, and Goldberg tackles the challenge of the Pope’s visit to the United States, as well as the impact that carrying those tickets would have on TickPick – the company chooses not to list such resales. Goldberg also talks about his vision of increasing the opportunities for the secondary market, as well as ensuring that the Super Bowl issues in 2015 do not resurface again in the future by only segmenting and working with admirable brokers who fulfilled all of their orders during that troublesome time. Twitter: @iTickPick

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