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Ep. 551 – Rob Kelly (Associate AD of Ticketing, Notre Dame)

Part of Rob Kelly’s watch over the Notre Dame ticket office is looking out for multiple instances of fraud, some of it coming from sophisticated runs by organized crime in Chicago. Kelly describes some of the steps that he has to undertake in order to ensure protection of the Notre Dame brand, as well as achieve clean entry for patrons to games. Sometimes, this means that there are fans going to Notre Dame Stadium who are out large amounts of cash because they purchased from a scam artist. Kelly talks about various issues that stem from helping sell the Notre Dame brand, including the massive consecutive games sell-out streak for football, as well as developing a holistic pricing mechanism that works efficiently with transparency to the consumer. Kelly also presents his thoughts on why ticketing is a trade, and something that is highly valuable as an apprenticeship. Twitter: @RobMKelly

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