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Ep. 558 – Jeff Sharon (Course Director, Full Sail University)

As journalism embraces or faces the changing landscape of technology, various questions arise to how to best implement its application. Jeff Sharon is witnessing this first-hand, overseeing the online masters degree program of journalism at Full Sail University. A former sports writer for Genesis Communications covering the University of Central Florida athletic department, Sharon shares his view of how developing stories is changing, as well as how the role of the journalist is becoming less about being part of a major company, and instead, becoming more of a freelancer. Sharon talks about how this changing model will affect the ability to either gain scoops on information, what details will now be released to the public that in the past would have not made the grade in a newspaper or TV station, and how a journalist’s ability to deduce not only facts, but maintain principles, will be placed squarely on their shoulders, rather than having a larger organization surrounding them. Twitter: @Jeff_Sharon

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