Ep. 56 Podcast – World Skating League Commissioner Jerry Seltzer

Ep. 56 Podcast – World Skating League Commissioner Jerry Seltzer

Photo by Eric Keller

Jerry Seltzer’s father Leo created the sport of roller derby in 1935, but Jerry has carried the legacy as the World Skating League’s Commissioner since Leo’s death in 1978. Jerry talks about some of the different situations in which roller derby managed to draw upwards of 20,000 to 30,000 people to a single event. Jerry also talks about his industry influential decision found BASS Ticketing Systems, eventual working with both Ticketmaster and Brown Paper Tickets. Seltzer discusses how Ticketmaster’s issues with Pearl Jam created a backlash in ticketing, resulting in Brown Paper Tickets, which allowed standup comedians like Louis CK and Doug Stanhope to control their own customer base in exchange for smaller service fees. Twitter: @jeryseltzer

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