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Ep. 565 – Brian G. Burns (Sales Expert)

Brian G. Burns has over 20 years of sales expertise selling enterprise software for 12 VC backed start-ups. Burns now focuses on helping leadership teams create and dominate their market segments. Burns shares his approach, which is based on an exhaustive study of multi-million dollar deals across several industries and geographies. Burns talks about his time working in an efficient sales manner at a small company, and a time when the massive company bought the small one, creating multiple amounts of red tape, thus making it inefficient. Burns shares his vision of why the smallest rung of the sales category, those workers who are doing something that can be replaced by machinery, will be obsolete while the rest have the ability to survive and thrive. Twitter: @BrianGBurns

Burns also has his own podcast, The Brutal Truth About Sales And Selling.

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