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Ep. 570 – Lindsey Boggs (VP, etailinsights)

Lindsey Boggs has started to blaze a trail in the sales world, through her early adoption of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. On the LinkedIn platform, Boggs has a 99% Social Selling Index (SSI), and has trained three teams to generate more leads, convert more prospects into sales, using her system of connecting through the Sales Navigator system. LinkedIn’s head of marketing Justin Shriber calls Boggs a “Legend in the Realm of Social Selling” and someone who “knows how to sell”. Boggs talks about her beginnings in social selling, coming from a background as a classically-trained Opera singer, into a situation where Boggs is one of the leaders in the social selling movement. Boggs speaks about the changing way in which connections are made, bypassing the gate-keepers completely, and how to better understand the LinkedIn platform overall. Twitter: @LindseyBoggs

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