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Ep. 573 – Kevin Kleps (Asst Editor, Crains Cleveland Business)

Kevin Kleps represents the changing world of sports business, crossing over from traditional financial coverage at Crains Cleveland Business to cover the sports business segmentation of the major Ohio city. Kleps starts off with his assessment of how to build not only a reputation within the sports business beat, but also sources that can help yield information otherwise not found anywhere else. Kleps talks about his surprise at how the internal coverage of sports radio stations locally can grab the attention of the readership, as well as his re-enforcement of bringing a blog and podcast into the mix of his weekly print writing. Kleps reassures everyone listening that the Cleveland Browns are still the major sports business news item, right down to the coverage of the Browns ownership, amid outside legal issues and draft decisions which haven’t worked in the NFL franchise’s favor. Twitter: @KevinKleps

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