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Ep. 590 – Ryan Eucker (Director of Operations, Spokane Empire)

The Spokane Empire are the rebranded name of the former Spokane Shock, which dominated Arena Football 2, and Arena Football, from 2006-15, becoming the only professional indoor franchise to secure a championship in both leagues. Ryan Eucker serves as the director of operations, and reveals the story behind the rebranding, which became a point of contention after leaving the Arena Football League in 2015 for the Indoor Football League to start the 2016 season. What becomes a complicated mess ended up transition the franchise in various ways, as Eucker explains, including forming a “name the team” contest with the Spokane faithful. And Eucker does mention the legacy of the cowbells in the Spokane Arena, which became a massive fan issue during the 2009 season. Twitter: @RyanEucker

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