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Ep. 603 – Mario M. Martinez, Jr. (M3Jr Growth Strategies)

This is probably one of the deepest conversations had on the podcast about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as told by brand evangelist Mario M. Martinez, Jr., who doesn’t work for the company but swears by the product. Martinez, Jr. offers up various ways in which the Sales Navigator tool can retrofit any sales floor trying to utilize both SSI and engagement on social media, as well as slays some of the various misnomers that usually stand in its way for being implemented. To Martinez, Jr., the path to adoption starts with understanding how each person has been trained to use sales tools available, whether that’s social selling or cold calling telephone. Martinez, Jr., breaks down some of the stereotypes backing both sales methodologies, taking a top-down approach to changing the mindset of to get sales departments on the right path. Twitter: @M_3jr LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mthreejr

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