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Ep. 604 – Brett Zalaski (Principle, GetAfterIt Sales)

Brett Zalaski returns to the podcast, after last being on 2 1/2 years ago, when he talked about sales growth and training on Ep. 368. Zalaski now speaks about his adventurous 2015 training campaign, as well as an extensive talking about the 2015 Sports Sales Boot Camp that he hosted in San Francisco in front of 300+ young sports professionals working in the field today. Zalaski discusses how getting “clams” to be talked about has been a great thing, how he continues to change up his sales training, and why PowerPoint presentations lack a lot of sincerity as an education tool. Zalaski gets into the world of social selling, applying it to ticket sales, and what future ticket sales reps will look like, from blogging to social to other types of content, in order to move more product for the franchise. Twitter: @bzalaski

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