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Ep. 628 – Michael Ferguson (Sports/Venue Consultant)

Michael Ferguson has just about sold it all. That includes not just sports and concert tickets, but booking venue times and in-arena corporate sponsorship. Ferguson shares his tenure as the General Manager of a minor league baseball affiliate of the Detroit Tigers at the Jamestown Jammers, the VP/GM of the Buffalo Blizzard professional soccer team, the GM of the Wichita Wings soccer, handling Lake Erie Raceway marketing & promotions, and the GM/Promoter of the Jamestown Savings Bank in New York. Ferguson talks about selling soccer to non-soccer fans, creating a venue experience as well as ensuring that corporate sponsorship was handled in-house for venue tenants. Ferguson shares his thoughts on what a lot of the public doesn’t understand about selling both sports and concerts, especially when it comes to booking and tour dates. Twitter: @MJFerguson2011

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