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Ep. 637 – Christy Keswick (COO, Good Sports)

Every sports league in the United States should be vastly concerned about the elimination of physical activity hours in the nation’s schools. It is not just a matter of obesity, but also of whether that lack of participation will eliminate the interest level and become a lost generation of fans. Christy Keswick isn’t alone in trying to address the issue, but her company Good Sports has made strides toward helping Boston area children gain access to equipment, apparel and footwear in order to increase the opportunities available. Keswick presents a frank, utterly disturbing state of child physical education in schools, as well as after school programs, and shares some of the valuable lessons she’s learned since becoming a parent herself on what the educational system may no longer be providing in terms of recess and physical activity in general. Twitter: @Ckeswick

Want to get involved with Good Sports as a volunteer or by helping donate equipment, apparel and footwear? www.goodsports.org

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