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Ep. 665 – Bill Lansden (Sr. Assoc. AD, Virginia Tech)

The end of this episode probably has one of the largest “drop the mic” moments recorded from all of the guests on the Tao of Sports. Sr. Associate Athletic Director Bill Lansden discusses the greater financial landscape of college athletics, where even in the Power 5 Conferences, there are have-nots, and may end up being less sports in order to financially compete with the upper, upper echelon. Lansden has been in several scenarios where fundraising is not only a component, but crucial to making up the shortfalls left by bad media rights estimations, coach departures, and even sports being eliminated such as at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. It boils down to a complex discussion with donor intention, as well as where college fundraising overall is potentially headed. Twitter: @BillLansden

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