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Ep. 669 – Eric LaPointe (Business Partnerships, Ticket Galaxy)

Eric LaPointe hugs the small difference between the primary and secondary, working in both arenas. First with the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers in the primary side, and then transitioning over to ScoreBig and Ticket Galaxy, where he cultivates business partnerships on the secondary. A lot of it comes down to a small delineation in LaPointe’s mind, as he explains that many of the apprehension against secondary use has less to do with fraud, and more from a misunderstanding of distribution channels. LaPointe discusses various options available on how a true partnership between a primary and secondary partner can work. Twitter: @EricWLaPointe

Note: This episode is “brought to you” by DreamSeat, who let us sit in their chairs during the podcast interview at ALSD in Pittsburgh. Please e-mail Adam at DreamSeat to thank him for doing so at.

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