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Ep. 735 – Jim Sarosy (COO, Syracuse Crunch)

Jim Sarosy has been with the Syracuse Crunch for so long, that even he’s flabbergasted at his legacy with the team. A product of the 1990s sports sales staff, Sarosy talks about rising through the ranks, but not letting his ambition get the better of him, while constantly staying on his toes in minor league hockey. Sarosy discusses why the Crunch are the crazies of American Hockey League promotions, including the famous Gordie Howe tryout for his fifth straight decade on the ice (didn’t get on the ice, but still…). Sarosy talks about what he’s learned, and what he keeps mind of, every time he peels a sticker or sells a ticket to the game he loves. Twitter: @JimSarosy

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