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Ep. 769 – Ken Lowson (Fmr. CEO, Wiseguy Tickets)

If you’ve ever tried to buy a ticket to the hottest concert, only to find all of the presale numbers gone within seconds, you may have Lowson to blame. Lowson ran Wiseguy Tickets, a ticket scalping operation, until 2009, when the FBI raided his business, charging him with wirefraud, after he generated over $25 million in ticket sales during the 2000s selling tickets to Bruce Springsteen, the Yankees playoff games, and personally being responsible for U2’s drummer publicly apologizing for the 2005 Vertigo concert’s ticket availability not going to their actual fans. Lowson says he’s now on a mission to change the industry, to get rid of his own ticket bot creation, as well as expose some of the inside practices that Ticketmaster, AXS and other ticket companies are utilizing to sell less than 1 percent of the tickets to the general public. Lowson also discusses why the BOTS Act of 2016 signed by then-President Obama has little teeth, especially when most of the bot operators are now located outside of the United States. Twitter: @Tixfan007

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