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Ep. 771 – Windy Dees (Sports Biz Professor, Miami)

By listening to this episode, your network may have just tripled. University of Miami sports marketing professor Windy Dees discusses the program’s marketing campaign, and subsequent advertising push, which illustrates networking and connections available for incoming students. Dees talks about the seriousness of actually having professors who are actively engaging in the marketplace in order to help their students land internships and jobs, along with building a credible course curriculum that goes indepth and researches various issues within the sports industry. Dees also covers her reliability to prospective students on social media complete with Drake and Honey Boo Boo gifs, how she laughs at her ratemyprofessor.com 3.9 rating and reviews, and why she’s the most competitive supermarket onion weighing champion that you’ll ever come across. Twitter: @GetDeesTweets

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