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Ep. 82 – Consolidated Sports Holdings International President Gary Gelinas

Gary Gelinas operates several junior hockey league teams and a minor league baseball franchise from his Phoenix desert office – Everett Silvertips, Texas Tornado, Amarillo Bulls, North Iowa Bulls, Peoria Pines. Gelinas has also owned and operated his own franchises in the past: Nanaimo Clippers Jr A hockey franchise, Venom Spring Teams, Vancouver Island Hockey School, and the expansion Nanaimo Timberman Sr A Lacrosse franchise, as well as served as general manager and president of the New Mexico Scorpions of the Central Hockey League. Gelinas knows the sports business intimately, speaking in terms of ticket sales, branding, the infusion of insuring that price points are kept, the viability of ROI with traditional media, branding, and several other key components to building a franchise’s base and successful future.

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