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Ep. 3 – Valero Alamo Bowl Rick Hill/Bryan Moynihan

The Valero Alamo Bowl’s Rick Hill (VP of Marketing) and Bryan Moynihan (Director of Ticket Sales & Service) were invited to be guests on the podcast and talked with Troy about how to actually pull off a major college football event. The Alamo Bowl is played Dec. 29 in a 65,000 seat stadium between a Pac-12 and Big-12 Opponent. Hill and Moynihan show off their strategic sales plan in ensuring the bowl’s success, which was sold out last year with less than 10,000 tickets available before either Baylor or Washington was selected to play. Hill and Moynihan take turns talking price points, how they ensure proper optics for corporate sponsors as well as engage customers year-round for a one-off event.

Special Content for App Subscribers: Hill & Moynihan discuss specific technologies to enable them to sell more tickets through online content and make customers buy early in a 3 minute exclusive podcast.

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