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Ep. 5 – Fmr. NFL Raiders/UFL Director of Tickets Peter Eiges

Eiges spent 29 years with the NFL Raiders’ franchise, starting as the team’s ball boy out of college before being hired on as then-Head Coach Tom Flores’ executive assistant in 1980, the year the Raiders stunned the Philadelphia Eagles to win Superbowl XV.  During the 1982 NFL strike, Eiges was named Director of Ticket Operations, a position he held for 27 years, moving the team to Los Angeles before transplanting the team 14 years later back to Oakland. Eiges describes the L.A. years as well as the situation with return to Oakland in 1995 where the P.S.L. ruled & “Mount Davis” became an eyesore to a baseball-focused community. Eiges left the Raiders in 2008 to join the UFL, describing the league in its second year of existence with the Omaha franchise’s success and Las Vegas’ dismal failures.

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