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Experience App Expands With MLB Pass Offering

The Experience App has expanded its mobile ticketing subscription reach, starting with four Major League Baseball franchises this summer. The Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers introduced an integrated platform of Experience’s Pass technology into the MLBAM-developed Ballpark mobile app for baseball fans.

Experience Pass, in partnership with the participating team’s ticketing provider, allows MLB clubs to offer next-generation fans a subscription to a block of games or for the entire season. Experience Pass lets fans attend games when they can, permitting the flexibility of last-minute confirmation of attendance, and the ability to experience every game from a new seating location.
Experience President Ben Ackerman said that the pass is aimed at millennial fans, one of the more elusive groups that MLB as well as other sports leagues are attempting to target.

“The pass delivers defined choice to younger, millennial fans who prefer that type of on-demand access to their favorite forms of entertainment, from music to video to baseball games,” Ackerman said. “Tomorrow’s season ticket holders live in a world of subscription access to the products they love. Experience Pass was designed specifically to give the next generation of fans the access they want with the flexibility to attend when their schedule allows.”

Mark Plutzer, vice president of ticketing for MLBAM, noted, “Experience’s Pass technology has opened doors for our MLB Clubs by reaching fans with a flexible, 100-percent mobile subscription for games. We think our fans, particularly younger baseball fans, will find this offering and its variety of options for going to multiple games appealing.”
The Atlanta Braves rolled out the Braves Spring Pass for the 2015 season, giving fans access to 21 games in April and May.
The Chicago White Sox initial offering included two packages: the Ballpark Pass Plus with 21 games during the months of April and May, and the Ballpark Pass with 11 Monday-Thursday games during the months of April and May.
Both clubs shared the ultimate goal to convert these Pass subscription fans into future season ticket holders, many of whom will be all-new ticket buyers.
Experience’s Ackerman said that the early adopter rate for the app has been extraordinary.
“Experience and our partners have seen rapid adoption of Pass. Whether it be for baseball, basketball, or other live events, fans are gravitating toward the flexibility Pass provides,” Ackerman said. “Subscription ticketing options like the Experience Pass give fans a new way to enjoy live events, such as baseball. We are seeing the subscription model gain popularity, especially among younger fans, who like the fluidity and affordability of Pass.”

The Oakland Athletics are now offering the A’s July Ballpark Pass, which gives fans guaranteed access for all 13 games in the month of July.
The Texas Rangers, in conjunction with Papa John’s, offered the Rangers7 Pass, which gave fans access to seven games in May and June. And, all fans received a promo code good for 50 percent off their next seven pizza purchases from Papa John’s.
Experience Pass helps teams optimize inventory and control seat availability in-ballpark while maximizing the team’s existing operational processes and procedures. Additionally, MLB Clubs are able to capture and analyze fan data to support specialized, targeted marketing and direct offers to these new fans, facilitating long-term relationships.
Experience works with 20 MLB Clubs, with many expected to integrate the Pass product throughout the 2015 Major League Baseball Season.

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