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Focus On Being The Best At One Social Media Platform

The biggest issues that the Internet has is abundance. The idea that there is always more out there. When there was only one or two social media platforms, it was likely easier to determine how to reach everyone.

But now, that’s all changed.

Audiences are starting to become fractionalized. There are way too many ways to reach only a specific amount of people willing to participate or engage in a specific amount of ways. This isn’t good if you’re a brand attempting to reach everybody.

The idea for any brand or franchise should be simple: Focus on who you want to talk to.

This is really something that hinders a lot of franchises. Especially when they begin to chase platforms. When a platform begins to become “hot,” almost everyone wants to get in on the action.

But most of these platforms aren’t suitable for the intentions of the brand anyway. At least not at the start of it. The majority of these platforms are filled with pre-teens who are trying out the service for the first time. Because that’s what pre-teens do: Puddle jump to the latest, hottest thing.

That doesn’t mean that the social media networks that they go to are necessarily going to translate into an ROI or whatever the franchise is actually seeking. Until the adults with credit cards get on, its almost a fight to understand exactly why a new social media platform is worth it.

And if that’s the case, and all you’re doing is reaching an audience that isn’t going to interact with you anyway, then what is the point of dedicating resources and time to be on that social media platform in the first place?

Way too much has been made about the impulse about getting on a social media platform first. Instead, we should be looking at whether the brand or franchise is seeking out the right platform, along with the right audience. In essence, are they focusing the product the best way possible to reach the maximum amount of people who will buy it?

Right now, there are so many different components that go into social networking. Moreover, a lot of these platforms have done nothing to reach a wider audience, and instead are only gaining smaller ones. While some of that audience reach may be good, the majority is avoiding the newest trend or app, because by the time they show interest in that social media platform, it’s already been dead. The pre-teen fixation has moved on, and with it, killed the “hot” vibe of the app before most of the adults found interest in it.

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