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Geofencing: The Next Ticket Sales Frontier

As the primary and secondary ticket sales tactics start to merge, it now becomes a race to attract the most buyers to make a purchasing decision on a product that matter. Geofencing solves a lot of these concerns, especially when it comes to mobile acquisition partners.

What is Geofencing? It’s essentially target-market GPS marketing. Static images or video can be sent to customers who enter specific locations such as stadium parking lots or arenas, hit with messaging that links back to larger websites for product purchasing. Geofencing also can be utilized down to the address of 1 million customers per campaign, meaning that every single game ticket buyer will receive a ticket sales message, on their cellular device, at once.

Geofencing also follows customers around for up to thirty days, which means beyond the initial purchasing period, it can also showcase whether the fan receiving the message then went to the stadium or not. With addressable geofencing, conversion zones can be setup as well. So if a fan crosses into a conversion zone, say a specific venue which advertised to them within the last thirty days, it will show on the report. Teams and venues can set up these trackable methods of obtaining a credible ROI with a monthly report serving not just impressions or links, but attendance.

Addressable Geofencing showcases a powerful advertising mechanism to ensure efficient, accurate ways of targeting specific households or businesses with digital advertising. This also means cross device, enabling marketers to target all individuals at that address on multiple devices, targeting those devices with continual advertisement up to 30 days after they have left the address itself.

This actually helps with neighborhoods in cities where there are shared groups of fans, with targeting down to the plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize the precision of addresses being targeted. This makes addressable geofencing highly scalable with the conversion zone setups.

Imagine vendors using this at sports business conferences. Whether they have the ability to hit with messaging, along with a booth, providing another metric to see which attendees have come through conversion zones which are surround their booth or a speaking session during the show. This provides powerful ROI to vendors that goes beyond what a conference organizer can actually offer.

This is the type of data that CRM tools love and help eliminate some of the common questions that ticket sales account reps often have when talking to customers. Imagine knowing how many times that the prospect has been in the stadium by tracking their cell phone via geofencing and conversion zone.

The thing about geofencing that is difficult for some to understand is the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions. The geofencing companies can be all over the map in terms of what they offer, whether it be a 3-month dedicated ad spend at 100,000 impressions per $1,200 (standard). Some companies can do it cheaper as well.

For secondary brokers, geofencing technology also adds an additional way to catch fans as they are entering the stadium parking lot, by hitting their phone with a last minute advertisement for concert or sports tickets. Image getting them right before they hit the window with a credible advertisement that beats the venue price.

It’s a new frontier for ticket sales in many ways. I’ve enjoyed educating quite a few sports business professionals on it and there are multiple uses beyond ticket sales, going into merchandise and concessions, in which geofencing can be utilized for.

My consulting company, Tao of Sports, LLC, has started to dabble in it. We utilized geofencing for the Lacey Pocket Gophers and gained a lot of ticket sales, as well as guerilla marketing, as a result. The proof is not only in the pudding, but the open-mindedness of knowing that the mobile device is now the current way that people buy tickets or see advertising. Right now, I’ve gotten a few politicians in tight election races who are chatting me up to learn more about this technology.

All it takes is a small budget, some faith and the ability to try new things.

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