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Get Out Of Meeting Culture

Internal staff meetings have yet to yield an ROI and tend to kill one. Because they diminish the amount of valuable activity between your staff and the community actually selling the product.

That’s why its crucial to understand what the meeting is for, and why. There needs to be a specific purpose, not just a bunch of crap thrown against the wall.

When meetings start, how are they starting? On time? Are they carrying an agenda? Is it a dictation session? If so, what is the information that is being pushed out there? Is that information even worthy of having a meeting?

These are tough questions, but least truly be honest: Most meetings carry little weight beyond the actual meeting time itself.

As you can tell, I am not a fan of mass staff meetings. They tend to never focus on the real issue, and skate around those issues in favor of blanket ones which don’t affect anyone at all.

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