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Get The Prospect Talking

I sat once through a sponsorship pitch session conference call where the lead just yammered on about how the prospect could use the product. It was truly a nightmare. Especially because the prospect’s total inclination was going to be “no” from the start.

Everyone talks about listening. But few people ask enough questions to get the prospect talking.

Consider how much the prospect needs to talk. About 80 percent of the time. Anything more or less, I question whether the sale is going to be made.

And this is the prospect’s time to have a moment in the sun, not the sales rep. Way too many sales reps think that they are talking to their shrink, and want to belch out every personal issue that they are having. If you need a shrink, go hire one. This should be where the prospect talks.

When prospect talks however, make sure that it is germaine to the narrative. If they keep going back to their aunt Suzie’s recent demise, they too need to hire a shrink. But if they are talking about how they would use the product, and their thoughts on the product, then let them yammer for a while.

The key to understanding people is that few have an outlet to truly tell people who they are. A lot of people don’t have that opportunity, and when they are asked to share, they do. But if the prospect is having to wait, simply because the sales rep won’t shut up, that’s no good. In fact, its a death knell.

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