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Great Theater

The diehards go to a game to see a game. Everyone else is seeking great theater. That idea that something unique will happen or occur randomly, that if they didn’t witness personally, they would miss out.

That F.O.M.O. stuff that the kids all talk about has been going on for centuries. There’s a reason that Christians were tossed in with the lions during Roman times, and that’s because the crowd wanted to see a game of chance in front of them. Maybe the Christian won a couple of times.

When we reduce a game down to a game, it kills that theater aspect. It creates a segment which only focuses on what a small percentage of fans truly want to see. Which is something fun and different.

The diehards know your schedule before it comes out. That 10% crowd is comfortable as long as what happens between the lines happens. But what about that other 90%? They are seeking an event. Something that won’t happen again, even if they come throughout the year.

It’s the delivery of this promise of great theater which is what makes great marketers of sport. The idea of bringing together lightning in a bottle, something that illuminates the sky momentarily when released, that makes everyone sit back in wonderment at what they just witnessed.

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