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How Many Touchpoints Do You Have?

A customer enters into a stadium, and they are affected by touchpoints. But not always the touchpoints you as a sports marketer want them to have.

Are the concessions stands clean? What about the condiments kiosks? Or the bathrooms?

All of these sound like minor issues, because everyone focuses on the marketing on the field. But that type of marketing is separate from the marketing performed in the concourse. Touchpoint marketing is a key to renews, because just about everyone in the stands experiences it, first-hand.

Consider whether your gate attendants are being friendly, or obnoxious. Is the beer vendor using foul language, or yelling at kids who are in the stairwell while he’s trying to move down each section?

All of this comes back to how many touchpoints you have, and whether they are selling or unselling the sports product.

There is only so much you can do on the field. That includes fireworks shows or monkey rodeo contests. But off the field, it needs to be a welcoming environment.

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