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Innovating Ticket Buying Ease

Ticket platforms do not innovate as much as they should. Some are stalwarts from the 1980s, with a little updated programming. Most of this is on the back-end, but when new selling innovations occur through packaging or other features, the worn edges of the programming show.

Consider this an attitude adjustment of platforms in general. Some are graphed programming upon graphed programming. Others are really just fine with being okay, because no one has complained yet.

The worst component of this is the customer, who is looking to purchase with ease, yet finding difficulty with most of the ticket products out there.

Notice those platforms that are knocking on the door. Notice that politicians who want ticketing ease are using some of the tech-heavy ones, such as Eventbrite. Sure, the arena manager might scoff at Eventbrite, but why are most of the 2016 political campaigns using this system over Ticketmaster?

Not just the fees. Not just the flexibility. It’s the ease of use.

A lot of platforms can gather a lot of contacts locking in their venues to multiple framed years of the same programming. But it matters whether the customer is going to other platforms, because ease is better than what the older platforms have to offer.

There’s a lot of customers buying elsewhere. A lot of data going in the dark.

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