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Introduction Power

You became acquainted with this blog through some type of introduction. Whether it was a Google search, a friend/colleague recommendation, or the podcast.

You put enough value into that introduction in order to venture further. You started reading or digesting the content on the site, or the podcast, or through the weekly email newsletter.

Think of the power of an introduction. It serves as a gateway to ensure that you have backing. To give credibility to your decision to consume.

Now think of the way that you can sell your product through introductions.

When someone introduces another person to you, they lend you their credibility. They vouch for your insight, or your relationship with them. An introduction can be far more powerful of a sale on a prospect, simply because it isn’t you that is selling, as much as the person who introduced you.

Introductions through e-mail or face-to-face or by phone are monumental, but not the only way that they happen. Think of how effective Amazon reviews are, where total strangers are rating and reviewing products. None of them know each other, but they all way to pay it forward, in order to ensure that their experience is either replicated or not with a new customer when it comes to the same product.

All of this comes down to the position of understanding how introductions work, and whether they will help you gain traction with new customers.

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