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Invaluable Sales Shorthands

Not all vendor reps are the same. A lot of them have never worked in the industry that they are cultivating, which makes it harder for them to drive revenue. That may seem crass of me to suggest, but the majority don’t understand what they are selling.

Everything is about a shorthand between the vendor and the prospect. Especially when the vendor is selling to a specific industry contact.

In the sports industry, where the contacts are finite, it becomes problematic when a vendor rep doesn’t know the territory, the issues, or the contact’s world, specifically because they’ve never actually worked in it themselves.

This sometimes gets bogged down in a system of nonsense. The idea that everybody has to work in an area in order to sell it isn’t true, but they have to make up for a lot of lost time if they don’t.

I’ve never been a surgeon, but if I were going to sell medical tools, I would read as much as I could on the medical industry. I would want to subscribe to every possible medical publication, know the different issues going on within that world, and start to network on the idea of learning more. That’s one place where the vendor reps can always enhance, by attending major functions, speaking to knowledgeable contacts within the industry, and learning more.

It gains that shorthand that I was referring to. The ability to talk beyond the product. To say to the prospect, I know how you are going to use this, why you are going to use this, and how this is going to benefit you more by purchasing than rejecting it.

All of that comes from conversation and the shorthand that ensues.

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