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LeHigh Valley IronPigs Have A Golden Marketing Plan

The LeHigh Valley IronPigs Baseball Club knows their fans. By Opening Day, the IronPigs will transform their urinals into a video game system. Basically, its a golden way to market.

They are the Triple-A Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, but have a chance to be “the talk of Pennsylvania” by virtue of their men’s rooms.

The team is trying something crazy, to allow fans to have enjoyment outside of what happens on the field, and it may end up rendering a lot of revenue through the turnstiles, just for the ability to use the bathroom.

That’s right, The IronPigs may have a lot of people standing in line as much for their bathrooms as they do the concessions stands. All because the team is willing to go for broke on an idea where some folks will roll their eyes and everyone else will stand in line to try.

It’s a genius way of marketing IronPigs baseball in an unlikely space.

The IronPigs are working with a British company to install a “urinal gaming system” in Coca-Cola Field. When Allentown, Pennsylvania fans step up to “the plate” in the men’s restroom on Opening Day, a video display monitor over the urinal will activate by sensing the fan’s presence, then switch into gaming mode. The game controls are played on the screen by the male’s “aim” of either left or right.

What makes this interesting is two-fold. First, the gaming system is the first installed in any sports venue in the world. Second, the intrinsic value of word of mouth advertising goes way farther.

You can bet on a large line of folks drinking 40oz sodas just to play the urinal game system to the highest level.

This brings up the reasoning behind these types of entertainment additions. Not everyone is going to be satisfied with the game on the field. Minor league baseball has gotten over that illusion a long time ago. Which is why they have a constant turnstile flow of 42 million people annually, beating out a lot of Major League Baseball teams in attendance.

Taking the franchise’s environment seriously means to go fun. It means sometimes to be a little gross, but not enough to offend grandma. In fact, grandma may be more hip than most people think, especially when describing the urinal gaming system.

In the dog days of August, when the IronPigs are ending their system, there’s a sure bet that the trip to the bathroom will still be one of the more entertaining functions in town. Not only that, but why not make it fun, instead of a chore? It enhances the entertainment experience entirely.

Pardon the pun, but great marketing often comes from golden ideas.

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