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Marketing Missing An M

Money is a weird thing. Often, people forget that in order to generate it, you have to sell the product, not give it away.

Freebies might as well be called, “Marketing Missing An M.”

When you cannot show a way to generate revenue from the product, sincerely, it has to be asked what you think that you are doing as a franchise. No business stays in business just giving away the product. Somebody has to pay for it.

Usually these mentalities work in the idea of short-term solutions. A kick the can down the road philosophy. There’s no strategy there.

That’s unfortunate because without strategy, there is no ability to learn at all. There’s just a going through the motions approach that happens to operate, waiting until it is shut down entirely.

Selling the product takes time, it takes initiate, and it takes devotion. These things cannot be solved in the space of a short window, by “taste testing” or whatever discounted idea comes up.

Yet so often, people discount the very thing that they want people to pay full price for, and are in disbelief that people won’t pay that full freight ever, at any point, down the road.

The “M” missing isn’t money. It’s mentality. If you have no mentality toward actually selling the product, you won’t.

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