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Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Goes Distance On Secondary

Mayweather-Pacquiao Does An Amazing Secondary

An overall $43,908,125 MCAP is an amazing feat for any event on the secondary. It also requires a lot of patience in order to determine the actual yield, but anticipation was so high by demand, that by the day of the event, only 352 listings sat open with a $6,448 MLP – $2,129 GIP ($2,269,696 MCAP – $749,408 BASE). Consider the dominance of a resale whcih only dipped below that BASE once, and that was $691,520 (160 SVG) on the day that tickets were announced back on Feb. 21, 2015.

Download Mayweather-Pacquiao Secondary Market Daily Recap Breakdown PDF here

Base of Secondary
Graph: Jacob Rosen – Data: SeatGeek

The mass hysteria over the lack of tickets being released actually helped, instead of hurt demand, garnering a continual listing of only 314 tickets between Feb. 21 – April 23, 2015. The average GIP remained extremely high at $5,150, despite no actual tickets in hand, with a $10,064 MLP average during that period causing headlines driving a panic. A $3,164,062 MCAP over that period held demand high, with resellers not giving in as the match came closer.

Graph: Jacob Rosen – Data: SeatGeek

Then, a market disruption occurred, as actual tickets were spit out onto the secondary marketplace after a long wait on April 24, 2015. From that point, the average listings skyrocketed 947 per day – 633 higher, on average, during the 9-day period leading up to the fight, than the 62-day period prior to April 24. The market didn’t necessarily grow soft, although the MLP dropped by $949 to $9,115 – the GIP dropped $1,567 to $3,583.

maypaq_3Consider this the true feeling out period of the market overall. The average $3,874,996 MCAP average was bested 20 times over the 71-day period of listings. However, eight of the last nine days of the resell were above the $3,874,966 MCAP.


Churchhill Downs Offers Up Something Special On Resale

The Kentucky Derby saw a huge secondary resale in 2015, hitting $558 on the market, which was $105 over its 2012 mark, and $149 over its 2014 results. A $1,079 MLP – $78.29 GIP didn’t scare away customers, neither did a $5,375 million MCAP against 1,364 SVG. For resellers, there sat a considerable distance between the ARP-GIP Divide, hitting 475% (MLP-GIP Chasm 1,169%) with a Inventory Hot Spread of $867,330.

While the Kentucky Oaks isn’t as prestigious or in as high demand, it did a fair marketplace number of $219.43 ARP – $340.21 MLP – $44.43 GIP. A $1,645 million MCAP was nothing to sneeze at, especially with 1,120 SVG for resellers to turn over.


Talladega 500 Blows Gasket For Resellers

The Talladega 500 Sprint Cup race showed that by Sunday morning, every sports fan interested in attending might have been “sports out” from the extensive weekend. There was a 511 SVG against the $70.43 ARP – $109 MLP – $64.86 GIP. This equated to a paltry MCAP of $236,252 and really didn’t garner much attention. The ARP-GIP Divide was 6%, something so small as to be almost embarrassing, as resellers were merely unloading whatever they had in stock to get out of dodge quick in Alabama.


Data: SeatGeek – Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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