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MLB Opening Day Recap (April 4-5, 2015)

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day has the best ability to kick-off the summer, with a ton of resale value as brokers get to break-up all of those season tickets and start transforming them into gold. That is, of course, unless those brokers decided to resell the defending World Champion San Francisco Giants at the Arizona Diamondbacks, which yielded not only the poorest ARP of Opening Day ($48.33), but also one of the lowest GIPs ($17.86) against a 2,285 SVG. Even with the allure of a great match-up to start off the season, the Diamondbacks held only a $747,008 MCPA, with the third-lowest BASE of $284,091 for 14 MLB games on Monday, April 6.

MLB Spring Training Kills Opening Day Arizona Resale

MLBChart2The SF Giants-Arizona GIP at $17.86 was $15.28 below the second-lowest GIP, a $33.14 showing for the Rangers-Athletics contest in Oakland. Even there, the SVG for that game was only 831, which is 1,454 seats below, on average, what the Giants-Diamondbacks game had on the marketplace.

The majority of MLB Opening Day games were anything but bad for resellers, most of the inventory sold at a high ARP. The San Diego Padres-Los Angeles Dodgers line of $186.33 ARP – $219.93 MLP – $137.86 GIP – 2,798 SVG held the highest market caps as well ($3.38 million MCAP, $4.55 million LMC, $2.658 BASE). The Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals game showed what the affect of having a World Series participant was supposed to yield, coming in with a $172 ARP – $123.86 GIP – 914 SVG.

Inventory Issues Abound

MLBChart3The highest inventory of Opening Day was 2,865 SVG for the Toronto-New York Yankees game, which held a diminished line of $113.17 ARP – $140.36 MLP – $59.14 GIP. Resellers played close to the margins on that game, only yielding a 29% spread from ARP to MLP, which was lower than 12 other MLB games on the slate. Yet the ARP-GIP divide was the highest among the 14 MLB games at 38% by more than 8% to its nearest competitor, the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati game.

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Data: SeatGeek

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