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MLB Secondary Market Recap (April 13-19, 2015)

The Los Angeles Dodgers six-game home stand April 13-19 held an interesting statistic because 20.1% of Dodger Stadium’s seating capacity was listed on the secondary market each game during that series. During the first two games against the Seattle Mariners, 23% of the Dodgers’ seating was listed, and 22% overall for the entire series. That would explain why the first two games’ ARPs was $18.90 & a $3.58 GIP. Only the last game of the series showed any promise, selling by itself at a $37.71 ARP – $22.43 GIP. Throughout the six games, an average of 11,406 tickets and 68,434 ticket listings overall were on the secondary market.

MLB AtlantaThe Atlanta Braves welcomed the Miami Marlins in for three, with an average of 2,307 SVG throughout the series listed on the marketplace. The Braves held a $17.38 ARP – $3.90 GIP throughout the three game stand, really not having much success on the secondary where resellers were only floating an average $26.86 MLP due to lack of overall buyer demand.

MLB BaltimoreThe New York Yankees’ visit to Oriole Park at Camden Yards showed a $28.29 ARP – $11 GIP against 3,575 SVG throughout the three game series. What was interesting about this series was how an opening game 2,406 SVG ballooned up to 4,932 SVG by game 2, which meant that 11% of the venue was up for grabs and really dinged the ARP down by $11 to $21.43 from the night before. But the secondary recovered in Game 3, as less listings hit the streets, and a 3,387 SVG looked fair enough to almost draw it back to the original ARP level of the opening game of the series.

MLB BostonThe Boston Red Sox held six contests at Fenway, and looked solid in all of them, with an average of 2,733 SVG throughout the six-game series being listed. Yet, The Red Sox pulled out a $65.93 ARP – $44.98 GIP. The only blemish would be the $13.57 GIP on April 15 against Washington, but that can be explained as a get-away game 3 on a Wednesday, with likely a less demand curve pull than other games throughout the home stand.

MLB ChicagoThe Chicago Cubs’ six-game slate at Wrigley began with some really bad GIPs, where fans were able to tickets at $5.81 on the secondary for the first three games of the series. The GIP didn’t really recover overall, standing at $11.57 for the entire six game stretch. Some of this had to do with a 2,037 SVG overall throughout the home stand, and a $26.65 ARP which didn’t greet resellers with many options.

MLB ClevelandThe Chicago White Sox came into Cleveland for two games, bringing with them a $14.72 ARP and a $5.07 GIP throughout the series. With only 1,261 SVG on the marketplace, this was more about a lack of demand than too many options for Indians or White Sox fans to choose from.

MLB DetroitWith an average 3,039 SVG throughout the three game series in Detroit, the Tigers secondary market toughed it out, getting a $31.71 ARP – $14.24 GIP. While the first game of the series on April 17 wasn’t pleasant to see ($7.71 GIP), the rest of the series was fair given the weather and the match-up early on in the season.

MLB HoustonThe Houston Astros’ had a six game home stretch where they did very well on the resale in terms of overall ARP ($40.53), except that the early three games had a very low GIP ($11.52). The GIP actually increased over the back half of the home stretch, with the last three games showing a $26.52 GIP, lofting the last three games’ GIP $15 higher than the first three games of the homestand.

MLB KCThe Oakland Athletics-Kansas City Royals matchup at Kauffman Stadium held a $39.67 ARP – $20.43 GIP for the three game series, against 2,002 SVG. The actual listings for Game 3 (1,326) were almost half that of Game 1 (2,476), but the ARP was almost $2 lower for Game 3 than Game 1.

MLB MetsThe New York Mets’ held a seven game homestand against The Phillies and Marlins, where the secondary yield a $56.71 ARP – $27.69 GIP against a 1,695 SVG throughout the two series. This despite two games with a $11.71 GIP, which if removed actually raises the GIP for the remaining 5 games by a $6 average.

MLB MinnesotaDuring the Minnesota Twins’ six game slate at Target Field, resellers experienced a $35.88 ARP – $19.07 GIP against 1,237 SVG. This included two games where the GIP averaged $6. Only the opening game of the series was anything worth talking about, as the $75.14 ARP – $60.29 GIP sat against a small 572 SVG.

MLB PittsburghThe Pittsburgh Pirates’ six game stretch at PNC Park welcomed into the Detroit Tigers and Milwaukee Brewers, and saw a $31.45 ARP – $17.65 GIP against 2,568 SVG throughout the two series. Three of the games held an average $7.57 GIP, and only the opening game saw a massive ARP ($74) with the rest of the ARP values dropping far below fair-market value for the average ticket price.

MLB San DiegoPetco Parks’ three game slate for the San Diego Padres saw a $28.71 ARP – $12.28 GIP against 1,339 SVG throughout the series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

MLB SeattleDespite having 1,836 SVG on average on the marketplace throughout the three game home series at Safeco Field versus the L.A. Angels, the Seattle Mariners’ secondary proved to be fair and equitable by resale standards with a $37.62 ARP – $23.81 GIP.

MLB SFAlthough San Francisco rarely enjoys being compared with Los Angeles, in this case, the two rivals – Dodgers and Giants – were almost the same in terms of tickets on the secondary market. The Giants held a 4,667 SVG throughout the seven games at home listed by resellers, including a 6,517 listing showing on April 14, which accounted for 16% of their entire seating capacity on the secondary market. The Giants overall held a $73.98 ARP – $46.53 GIP for the seven games. However, reducing it to the worst five games within that frame, the resale numbers are drastically lower – $53.71 ARP ($20.27 lower) – $30.57 GIP ($15.96 lower).

MLB STLThe St. Louis Cardinals homestand of 6 games had a lot interest for the opening game, where the redbirds caught a $109.86 ARP – $55.43 GIP. But it was all downhill for the next two games of the series, where the GIP was so low, it was less than a service charge for processing a ticket.

MLB Tampa BayTampa Bay’s three games at Tropicana Field against the New York Yankees delivered some fair numbers for resellers despite some limited inventory offerings. The overall three game average was a line of $61.28 ARP – $37.52 GIP against 711 SVG.

MLB TexasThe Texas Rangers’ had an awful resale value for their three games at Globe Life, with 2,514 SVG sitting on the marketplace against $23.62 ARP – $5.14 GIP. None of the numbers had anything to squeeze out of them, or cheer on any particular game, as the entire series had a poor offering of low value. Blame Josh Hamilton, because I’m sure that the Angels and Rangers both do.

MLB TorontoRogers Centre for the Toronto Blue Jays’ resale for seven games was nothing to fly on about, as most of the numbers sank beyond the initial opening game against The Tampa Bay Rays offered up a $54.86 ARP – $32.43 GIP. Everything else was tatters, and for the series overall, resellers coughed up a $30.65 ARP – $13.37 GIP against 1,789 SVG. Even by removing the first game of the seven game home slate, it gets even worse, dropping to a $26.62 ARP – $10.19 GIP against 1,752 SVG.

MLB WashingtonThe resale for the Washington Nationals’ four game slate hosting the Philadelphia Phillies yielded a collective $30.61 ARP – $17.22 GIP against a 3,532 SVG. The first game of the series saw a $7.86 GIP, and the secondary market made attempts at recovering, but there were too many listings on the marketplace to perform that task effectively.


Data: SeatGeek – For the Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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