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MLB Secondary Market Recap (April 27-May 3, 2015)

Dodgers Brokers
Dodgers show more ticket flooding on the secondary market

There were 13 home baseball games during the period of April 27-May 3, 2015 that had at least 10 percent of their stadium capacity listed on the secondary market. Of those, the Los Angeles Dodgers were, by far, some of the biggest offenders with over 20 percent of the team’s entire seating inventory over the market again for their six game homestand. It is one of the major reasons that the GIP was $13.15 for overall for the homestand, with only $5 to be had on May 2 against the Arizona Diamondbacks on a Saturday night game.

ArizonaThe Arizona Diamondbacks returned to Chase Field for three against the Colorado Rockies, and yielded a very poor GIP without much SVG going on the marketplace. The MLP was hovering in the upper-$30s, but it was almost more than double what resellers gained on the ARP.

AstrosThe streaking Houston Astros obliterated the Seattle Mariners for most of their series, and gained a lot of ARP action especially in the middle of the series. Notice that the SVG wasn’t too high, but the GIP actually held with the exception of the April 30 game which was $11.86 while the rest were at least above $16.

AtlantaA seven-game homestand for the Atlanta Braves showed off a lot of bad GIPs. Most of them were below $5 with a ton of SVG listing on the market, rotting away despite getting some decent ARP numbers, especially May 2 against the Cincinnati Reds ($69.14 ARP).

BostonThe Boston Red Sox didn’t fare too well in getting a good ARP or GIP offer in the Toronto series, welcoming the Blue Jays in for three at Fenway. Frankly, it was disappointing to watch as the ARP was below $30 and the GIP near $10. Yet, when the Yankees swung into town, and the SVG skyrocketed, all bets were off, as the Red Sox resale charged up with a very fair ARP-GIP average for that series.

ChicagoThe Wrigley Experience of no bleacher bums isn’t the only issue with the Chicago Cubs, aside from Kris Bryant not hitting well in the four hole. The GIP looked very poor, below $10 each of the three games against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and only recovered as the weekend approached. With an SVG continually around 2,500 tickets, it may be too many for Chicago fans to muster until the summer time heat pours in and the demand picks up overall, especially from tourists.

ClevelandProgressive Field was a secondary house of horrors when the Cleveland Indians hosted seven games straight (three against the Royals, four against the Blue Jays). An ARP below $18 for four games to begin the series, and a GIP below $6 during that same period. Even on the Saturday and Sunday offerings, the ARP/GIP wasn’t anything to write home about as the SVG actually dropped, but so did demand overall for the Indians’ product on the secondary.

DodgersThe Dodgers were more opportunistic on the secondary market for buyers during the week instead of the weekend, due to the rival Giants coming to town. Hitting a $50.29 ARP with a $31.57 GIP against 7,876 SVG really makes one wonder how high demand and resale would be with less inventory dumped onto the market at once.

KC RoyalsThe Kansas City Royals got their groove back as the Detroit Tigers came in for four games, especially hitting a $60 ARP – $30.43 GIP against 1,683 SVG on May 2. Each of the games, including an opening $36 ARP on April 30, were respectable, with the only blemish showing up in Game 1 with a $13.43 GIP.

MarlinsThe Miami Marlins’ secondary offered up some solid returns for those resellers, with a consistent 1,700-1,900 SVG throughout the six game series. Both sets of teams were division rivals, but the resale showed an ARP that hit into the mid-to-upper $40s, along with a GIP that stayed around $25-$27.

MetsConversely, the New York Met’s mojo going to Miami didn’t rub off on their four game homestand back at Citi Field, where the ARP was almost $40 across the board, but the GIP was down to $13 and below. Much of this had to do with a massive amount of inventory splashing on the marketplace, including a 4,196 SVG during May 1.

MinnesotaThe Motor City Kitties came into Minnesota to play at Target Field, but the Twinkies saw nothing but bad karma, as a $6 GIP and below welcomed them for four of the seven game homestand. The back half of the homestand only improved a little with the Chicago White Sox coming in for four, but it still did little to improve the overall GIP situation, despite a lack of heavy inventory listing on the market at once.

OaklandThe Oakland Athletics welcomed the Los Angeles Angels in for three, and did a fine job with limited ticket inventory on the market as far as the ARP is concerned ($33.95 ARP average over the three games). However, the GIP wasn’t so inviting, showing off a $13.67 GIP over the three game homestand as resellers were unloading whatever they had at rock-bottom pricing.

RedsThe Milwaukee Brewers came into The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, playing the Reds against a ticket-flooding situation. On average over the three games, there was 4,000 tickets listed per game, with a $17.04 ARP – $4.09 GIP during that period. When it costs more to pay for the service charges on a secondary platform, than the actual ticket itself, that should be time for any front office to worry about how the product is being priced, as well as what brokers they are selling those 4,000 average tickets to.

SD PadresThe San Diego Padres held six games against two opponents at PetCo, welcoming in the red-hot Houston Astros with a mid-$30s ARP – low-$12s GIP for the three game series. Things did pick up against the Colorado Rockies however, as the ARP jumped to nearly $40 and the GIP held just under $20 for the three game set against the Padres’ division rival.

SFGiantsThe San Francisco Giants played the Los Angeles Angels at AT&T Park, holding the line on pricing and ARP, even protecting the GIP in most cases throughout the entire three game series.

STLThe St. Louis Cardinals got a shock to the system while hosting a seven game homestand, with an overall GIP of $8.43 and a $25.65 ARP against 3,661 SVG. During five of the seven games, there were over 3,000 average tickets listed on the marketplace, which weighed down demand and the resale value. The four games against the Phillies yielded a $3.57 GIP – $18.65 ARP against 3,486 SVG on the marketplace.

TexasThe Texas Rangers’ experience at the Globe Life Park in Arlington was facing two division rivals for six games hitting a decent ARP throughout the series, with the exception of the sour GIP below $10 for three of the six games.

YankeesIf the Yankees hold the highest priced seats in the nation at Yankee Stadium, then some folks are still getting in for less on the secondary. Playing three against Tampa Bay, the overall secondary line was a sickening $35.62 ARP – $10.86 GIP against 3,338 SVG.


Data: SeatGeek – Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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