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MLB Secondary Market Recap (May 11-17, 2015)

MLB secondary market
the MLB Secondary market for May 11 – 17, 2015

Three of Major League Baseball’s top 10 worst GIP averages for May 11-17, 2015 belonged to the Los Angeles Dodgers, including the top two games against the Miami Marlins (May 11, May 13), which averaged $3.07 GIP between them. The horror show at Dodgers Stadium wasn’t done, however, as May 17’s Sunday match-up against the Colorado Rockies yielded a $4.29 GIP. A large portion of this issue is the continual ticket monsoon that has occurred on the secondary with the Dodgers, where those three games had an average of 14,051 on the marketplace at any one time, listing 24% of stadium capacity on the secondary market.

The higher returns belonged in the state of Missouri, where the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals churned out ARP wins, clogging five of the top 6 games with the highest ARPs of the week. The Cardinals’ top two ARP wins averaged $60 between them, while the KC Royals’ three games, all against the Yankees, showed a $58.31 ARP return on each ticket.

angelsThe L.A. Angels played host at the Big A against the Rockies, with a dour $23.38 ARP – $10.86 GIP against 2,988 SVG between the two games. While only listing six percent of stadium capacity, it was too much for resellers to transform into a wide profit, as even the MLP two-game average sat at $36.46.

cardinalsThe St. Louis Cardinals, the aforementioned stars of the week on the secondary, did a marvelous job welcoming in the Detroit Tigers for three games, for a combined $50.16 ARP – $27.14 GIP – 2,760 SVG for the entire series.

diamondbacksChase Field isn’t much for the Arizona Diamondbacks on the secondary, where tickets went out for $9.76 GIP overall in the three games against the Washington Nationals. The $26.68 ARP – $42.90 MLP was weighed down heavily by a 1,951 SVG, despite only 4 percent of the stadium capacity being listed on the marketplace. There truly wasn’t demand there to enact a decent resale over the three game homestand, and it showed in the returns.

ny metsThe New York Mets’ three game series at Citi Field against the Milwaukee Brewers yielded a $41.27 ARP – $13.05 GIP against 3,347 SVG over the entire homestand. While the MCAP reached $1.045 million in the last game of the series, May 17, it was not enough to keep the GIP from dropping to $11.86 amid way too many tickets on the marketplace.

philliesThe Philadelphia Phillies didn’t show off any more than an average amount of returns over the seven games at home, but it was enough for resellers to get away without losing their shirts. The first four in the homestand were against the Pittsburgh Pirates, yielding a $37.47 ARP – $15.11 GIP against 1,159 SVG. The returns actually improved in the back half of the homestand, playing three against the Arizona Diamondbacks, where a $40.29 ARP – $21.81 GIP against 1,175 SVG greeted brokers. Overall, the entire seven games was somewhat promising, although the MLP of $68.83 was never even close to being reached ($38.68 ARP – $17.98 GIP against 1,372 SVG).

tigersThe Motor City Kitties at Comerica Park held a three game series against the Minnesota Twins, and looked as if their resale was impossible to get anyone interested in, despite being a division rival matchup. Part of this is to blame on having over 10 percent of the stadium capacity on the secondary market, where 4,280 SVG was listed for each of the three games, helping drop the GIP to $5.05 against $19.70 ARP.

dodgersThe Los Angeles Dodgers have a flooded out basement, with nowhere to go. Two of the seven games played at a GIP higher than $4.57, yet rescued by those games (May 12 – $34.29 GIP, May 16 – $17.29 GIP) in order to raise the average GIP to $10.14 for the series. The ARP wasn’t showing for much better, with a $27.10 ARP for the seven game homestand, against 24% of the stadium capacity listed on the marketplace throughout. May 13’s game against the Miami Marlins had 29% of the stadium capacity (16,409 SVG) on the marketplace at any one time.

rangersThe scene at Globe Life Stadium was not as bad in terms of the amount of tickets on the secondary for that seven game homestand, but the Texas Rangers just couldn’t find any buyers. The ARP sank to $26.52 against a $6.82 GIP – 3,793 SVG for the entire seven games. Things were even worse on the first four upfront against the Kansas City Royals, where a $22.33 ARP – $5.21 GIP against 3,623 SVG showed little life for resellers buying into Rangers’ product.

redsGreat American Ballpark’s seven game homestand for the Cincinnati Reds coughed up a $23.92 ARP – $7.35 GIP against 4,464 SVG. The first three games were worst than the back four on the resale, where the Reds played host to the Atlanta Braves, showing off a $17.96 ARP – $4.52 GIP against 3,907 SVG on the secondary. The San Francisco Giants’ four game slate showed a bit more promise, where a $28.39 ARP – $9.46 GIP against 4,882 SVG improved the resale slightly for brokers.

royalsThe three games at Kaufman Stadium were something special for the Kansas City Royals, welcoming in the Bronx Bombers in, hitting a $58.31 ARP – $26.43 GIP against 3,576 SVG. What was special about this resale was not only was the ARP high, but so was the MCAP of $1.47 million overall, where each of the games in the series held a $1.1 million MCAP or higher.

marlinsThe Miami Marlins have actually started to improve on their secondary market returns at home, gaining a $46.94 ARP – $27.81 GIP against 1,829 SVG for the three game series against the Atlanta Braves. While the MCAP wasn’t extraordinary for the series, sitting at $613k average throughout, it was the fact that there was less than 5% of stadium capacity on the market listed for the majority of the games during the homestand.

brewersThe Milwaukee Brewers dismal season at Miller Park only continues on the secondary as well as the field, where a $4.33 GIP for the three game series against the Chicago White Sox really held down the returns, showing off a $24.24 ARP against 1,853 SVG for the homestand.

astrosThe Houston Astros six games at home yield an improvement over past resales, but nothing worth of whether they are in the standings, leading the Major Leagues in wins. A $47.66 ARP – $16.64 GIP against 1,520 SVG for the six game series is no way to showcase a top team, especially if the demand is actually there. Resellers got a little mileage out of the first two games, where the San Francisco Giants came in, hitting a $51.82 ARP – $17.86 SVG against 1,370 SVG. But it was downhill from there, as the ARP collapsed down to $45.58 for the next four games against the Toronto Blue Jays.

athleticsThe Coliseum’s six game homestand for the Oakland Athletics remains one of the most measured resales in MLB, retaining not only a good $23.55 GIP, but a great $39.93 ARP for the six game average against 1,375 SVG.

oriolesThe Baltimore Orioles returned to Camden Yards after a week away from the riots, and had a dismal resale to show for it. Over 3,514 SVG sat on the marketplace per game during the entire homestand, yielding only a $23.58 ARP – $7.45 GIP. Whether the downtown real world issues affected tourists, or the two opponents of the Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Angels were bad attractants, the result was clear that resellers didn’t find much glory in any type of demand during the week in Baltimore.

padresThe San Diego Padres’ Petco Park home got invaded for four by the Washington Nationals, hitting a $44.30 ARP – $23.64 GIP against 1,306 SVG for the series. The May 16 showing, which held the lowest amount of tickets on the secondary (838 SVG), proved to help drive demand to other games in the series.

indiansThe Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field showed off a horrid ARP of $24.87 with a $6.90 GIP against 2,745 SVG for the three game series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

marinersResellers might be a bit concerned about what happened at Safeco Field, where the Seattle Mariners welcomed in the San Diego Padres for two games, then had their big weekend against the Boston Red Sox. Except, the Padres games yielded a two game line of $28.52 ARP – $8.07 GIP against 3,432 SVG. Fair enough, but the Boston Red Sox have traditionally been a major draw for the Seattle Mariners, and usually one of the best resales overall for MLB in terms of opponents coming to the Emerald City. Not really the case, where the secondary was rather flat – a $44.77 ARP – $21.07 GIP against 3,777 SVG for the entire four game series against the Boston Red Sox looked like just an average team coming into Safeco, not a major draw. Again, questions are now abound.

twinsThe Minnesota Twins managed to yield an interesting resale in three games with the Tampa Bay Rays, keeping the secondary ARP at $38.86 & the $14.43 GIP afloat amid 1,926 SVG.

tampa bayInteresting enough, the Tampa Bay Rays early homestand against the New York Yankees had a higher resale average for the four game slate, hitting $46.74 ARP – $26.71 GIP, but only because there were 1,058 SVG on the marketplace. This actually kept with demand, retaining a respectable mid-week price point.

cubsThe Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley experience continues amid construction, aside from opening some of the outfield bleachers to the public, there were a lot of tickets floating on the secondary. During the seven games, the first four were against the New York Mets, which showed a $27.65 ARP – $10.46 GIP against 2,720 SVG. The backhalf of the homestand, with three against the Pittsburgh Pirates to end the week, showed drastic improvement with a $37.62 ARP – $19.10 GIP against 2,909 SVG actually offered up decent returns for resellers.


Data: SeatGeek – Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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