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MLB Secondary Market Recap (May 4-10, 2015)

AngelsHosting 7 games at the Big “A” in Anaheim, served as a big hit and miss for resellers of the Angels, which averaged a $28.59 ARP – $12.73 GIP against 2,350 SVG over the entire homestand. The Mariners came in for three, yielding a $447k MCAP – $25.02 ARP – $10.90 GIP. Houston’s four game stretch afterward showed a $477k MCAP – $31.27 ARP – $14.11 GIP as the week progressed toward the weekend, ending with a $38.27 ARP – $15.71 GIP on May 10.

ATTThe San Francisco Giants’ hosting of seven games at AT&T boasted 9.6% of the overall stadium capacity on the secondary (3,975 SVG), with $37 ARP – $16 GIP average for the entire homestand. During the first three games against the Padres, the listings shot up to 11.2% of stadium capacity on the secondary (4,664 SVG), leading to a $23 ARP – $5 GIP for a $767,419 MCAP. The Miami Marlins’ stretch of four in the Bay Area showed drastic signs of improvement, hitting a $1.04 million MCAP with only 8.3% of seating capacity on the secondary (3,459 SVG), improving to a $48 ARP – $24 GIP offering.

CardinalsWith only 7.6% percent of the Cardinal Stadium capacity on the secondary during a short four game series at home against the Chicago Cubs, the St. Louis Cardinals hit a $35.19 ARP – $11.36 GIP against 3,558 SVG. The remarkable part of the entire resale for this series was the MCAP overall, hitting $857k, with a $1 million MCAP on Tuesday, May 5.

ChaseIn Chase Field for four, the Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the San Diego Padres, showing off a fair resale with a $31 ARP – $15 GIP against 1,743.

CitiTwo games at Citi Field yielded an off-setting return where the New York Mets’ $43 ARP was out-boxed by an $11 GIP against the Baltimore Orioles.

CitizensDeparting Citi Field for Citizens Bank in Philadelphia, The New York Mets found a much wider resale opportunity for secondary brokers against the Phillies. Showing off a three game series $52.48 ARP – $29.10 GIP against 1,381 SVG with a $509k MCAP.

ComericaThe Detroit Tigers held back a 3,195 SVG ticket flooding opportunity over three games against the Kansas City Royals, boasting a $37 ARP – $19 GIP with a $841k MCAP.

CoorsPlaying six at home in Coors Field, amid several postponed games due to inclement weather, the secondary was a strange bird indeed. With 2,919 SVG floating over the six games, it created a $531k MCAP average overall, but was dampened by a $24.41 ARP – $7.43 GIP demand by buyers unsure if the games would be played at all. Some weren’t.

FenwayFenway Park’s 2,960 SVG over three games didn’t completely deflate the secondary for the Red Sox’s homestand against the Tampa Bay Rays, but a $28.17 ARP – $12.57 GIP wasn’t really cutting it. The $597k MCAP showed that demand wasn’t there, as it had been in years past for the Red Sox.

KaufmanKaufman Stadium showed off one of the smaller SVGs for the MLB secondary in 2015, with only 597 listed for the May 7 game against the Cleveland Indians, which helped inflate the ARP to $37.88 for that game. That ARP was $8.67 above the $29.21 ARP average for the entire three game series, where the $14.52 GIP weighed down expectations of recouping a decent amount of revenue from the impressive May 7 showing.

MillerThe Milwaukee Brewers continued their flat campaign throughout the 2015 MLB season on the secondary, burning through yet another set of 7 games with little for resellers to show for it. With 2,369 SVG sitting on the marketplace on average throughout the 7 game home stand, the MCAP was a dismal $414k – $25.44 ARP – $10.69 GIP yield.

MinuteMaidThe Houston Astros welcomed The Texas Rangers in for three games at Minute Maid Park, showing off a 1,286 SVG – $384k MCAP – $42.03 ARP – $18.24 GIP. That fell in line for the entire series, simply going through the motions without any dips or upticks in the secondary marketplace for the entire short homestand.

NationalsThe Washington Nationals hosted six games in the nation’s Capitol, holding back a massive 3,548 SVG throughout the homestand that dropped the ARP to $31.67 – $15.98 GIP – $756k MCAP overall.

PNCSix games at PNC Park between division rivals did nothing to push up the resale opportunities for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which showed off a flat $483k MCAP against 2,404 SVG – $29.82 ARP – $15.43 GIP on the marketplace.

ProgressiveProgressive Field saw three games against the Minnesota Twins, as host Cleveland Indians held back a flat $382k MCAP – $25.85 ARP – $10.57 GIP with 2,040 listings on the market during the overall series.

RogersPut two of the top division rivals, both with their own interest levels in the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, and place them in back-to-back three game series at Rogers Centre in Toronto against the Blue Jays. That was the scenario for what should have been a great secondary market. Instead, it held a $532k MCAP – $33.39 ARP – $12.10 GIP showing against 2,220 SVG on the marketplace. The AL East definitely may have lost some luster with brokers over the last week.

SafecoThe Seattle Mariners hosted three games over the weekend against the Oakland Athletics at Safeco Field, yielding a $38.05 ARP – $21.48 GIP with a $701k MCAP amid a 2,606 SVG.

TargetAt some point, the Minnesota Twins may just not want to host weekday games. The GIP average for the four games against the Oakland Athletics at Target Field was $5.50 overall, dropping in two games below $5. A $25.85 ARP did not save a $378k MCAP with 2,053 SVG on the market.

TropicanaTropicana Field was the scene of four games where the Tampa Bay Rays hosted the Texas Rangers, with a secondary that was flat from beginning to end. Only 705 SVG listings hit the market on average throughout the series, leading to a $165k MCAP – $33.54 ARP – $16.36 GIP.

TurnerFieldThe Atlanta Braves division rivalry with the Philadelphia Phillies looked terrible on the secondary, where tickets went for a $4.19 GIP throughout the three game series and only garnered a $20.37 ARP against 2,994 SVG.

US CellularThe six game stand at U.S. Cellular was overly dismal, showing off a GIP of $5.69 collectively for the entire series. A $373k MCAP showed that resellers believed demand was flat or not present, as the $27.49 ARP proved out their bidding strategy with few buyers willing to take them up on higher offers.

YankeesIn four games versus the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees hosted a $55.63 ARP – $22.11 GIP against 3,623 at Yankee Stadium. This yielded a $1.42 million MCAP, but was nowhere near the May 10 game mark returns of $70.84 ARP – $24.43 GIP.


Data: SeatGeek – For A Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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