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NBA Secondary Market Recap (April 13-19, 2015)

The NBA 2014-15 regular season wound down completely from April 13-15, 2015 with the last vestiges of home games finished off. Remarkably, ticket dumping didn’t happen in most cases, although there were some startling bad GIPs for a few games, it was not the norm overall.

April 13, 2015

NBA April 13The Chicago Bulls-Brooklyn Nets game had a large seat inventory of 2,199 SVG, but managed to retain a fair $87.43 ARP – $39.29 GIP against the amount of listings, showing off a massive $1.348 MCAP. Most of the games were a little above average on the ARP, as fans were saying goodbye to their non-playoff bound teams for the year, with only the Pelicans-Timberwolves’ $9.71 GIP and Bucks-76ers’ $8.49 GIP showing a depressed market.

April 14, 2015

NBA April 14In limited action, each of the three teams on the slate had mid-level returns via ARP, two averaging in the $50-$59 range. The Wizards-Pacers game showed off a $27.71 ARP against 1,487 SVG but coughed up a $9.43 GIP to dampen the returns overall.

April 15, 2015

NBA April 15The last official day of the NBA season, until the real season of the playoffs began, showed off a nice Atlanta-Chicago match-up with a $105.71 ARP – $62.71 GIP against 1,127 SVG. This was the end of the NBA season, which showed off two small GIPS at the Celtics-Bucks game ($7.71) and Indiana-Memphis game ($4.86). Anyone looking deeper into the market would notice that there was an absolute ticket flood in Brooklyn, where the Magic-Nets game held a 3,211 SVG that weighed down a $43.86 ARP – $18.29 GIP as the NBA closed out their regular season.


NBA PlayoffsOf the eight Game 1s played over the April 18-19 weekend, only the Portland-Memphis game & Brooklyn-Atlanta game played with a deflated market on the secondary. The Trail Blazers-Grizzlies had a $83.86 ARP ($39.14 GIP) and the Nets-Hawks had a $71.14 ARP ($38.43 GIP). Both were far lower than above $100 ARPs that most of the secondary was pulling down for playoff Game 1s, especially in the case of the Mavericks-Rockets (1,268 SVG – $236.14 ARP – $105.29 GIP) and Pelicans-Warriors (633 SVG – $262.14 ARP – $175.14 GIP).

Data: SeatGeek – For the Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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