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NBA Secondary Market Recap (March 16-22, 2015)

Secondary Market Glossary

March 16 – Cavaliers-Heat continues to amaze with huge market cap
A $4.9 million overall market cap on a Monday night is nothing to sneeze at, especially when it comes at a classic Cavaliers-Heat matchup down in Miami. A $705,012.29 MCAP per day bested the rest of the field by almost half a million, with a average $1,712,152 BASE on the low-end ($244,593.14 BASE per day). The ARP was $204 6DE with a $264 3MD/HWM before ending tumbling at $128 0DE as resellers with remaining inventory panicked, seeing a 6DE-0DE ARP SLIDE of 45.78% and allowing the GIP to suffer a 78.87% 6DE-0DE SLIDE at the same time.


March 17 – Spurs-Knicks Soars but Bucks-Pelicans Ruins Night
A $116.43 ARP average for the San Antonio-NY Knicks game help a $1,652,323 MCAP and really helped resellers almost forget about the rest of the NBA that night. It was limited action, but with Memphis-Detroit ($25.57 ARP – $4.43 GIP – 1,716 SVG) and Bucks-Pelicans ($17.71 ARP – $3.43 GIP – 1,798 SVG) was a horrid night of dead wood. Hornets-Clippers line wasn’t ecstatic either ($46.57 ARP – $9.71 GIP – 3,256 SVG) and the bottom dropped out of Orlando-Houston late ($77.86 ARP – $24.57 GIP – 1,179 SVG).


March 18 – Hawks-Warriors, Nets-Cavaliers Shine But Too Many Race To Bottom
The Atlanta-Golden State game garnered a $199.86 ARP – $106.86 GIP off only a $473,737 MCAP – 330 SVG, which Nets-Cavaliers posted a $143.29 ARP – $35.71 GIP off 520 SVG. Both of these games hid low inventory availability, which drove up the ARP, but held down the overall MCAP average. Timberwolves-Raptors ($86.57 ARP – 1,552 SVG) and Pacers-Bulls ($67.57 ARP – 1,646 SVG) were the only true competitors of the night amid a sour market of either high pricing against low inventory, or games that just didn’t do anything of value on the market.

Magic-Mavericks in Dallas was bloated with a 1,141 SVG off a $16.57 GIP ($59.71 ARP). Wizards-Jazz ($38.43 ARP – $6.71 GIP) had only 824 SVG, but couldn’t garner any interest from secondary fans, while the Pistons-76ers coughed up a a $21.71 ARP – $6.57 GIP against 1,603 SVG.


March 19 – Limited Action Doesn’t Mask Suns or Lakers Dismal GIP
With only four games on the NBA docket, the lines of Pelicans-Suns (53.71 ARP – $14.86 GIP – 1,305 SVG) and Jazz-Lakers ($51.71 ARP – 14.86 GIP – 2,323 SVG) stood out as a horrible trend heading into the weekend action. Nuggets-Rockets held a $101 ARP – $37.14 GIP off only 820 SVG, while the Timberwolves-Knicks SVG of 2,065 didn’t damper a $66.29 ARP – $39.43 GIP.


March 20 – Revenge of Heavy Market Caps Weighs Down Returns
There were four games with MCAPs over $1 million, but few of them actually had the seat inventory to do anything about it which bouyed a heavy ARP but a much lower GIP. Pacers-Cavs (624 SVG – $266 ARP- $71.71 GIP – $1,264,932 MCAP) was the top of the night but couldn’t outlast the earning potential of Wizards-Clippers (2,491 SVG – $104.86 ARP – 52.14 GIP – $1,342,250 MCAP). Bucks-Nets had a putrid line of $42.71 ARP – $14.57 GIP, the lowest get-in availability of the night.


March 21 – Suns-Rockets heats up resale numbers
The Phoenix-Rockets game did some darn good business with a $826,936 MCAP – $119.43 ARP – $49.14 GIP, followed by the Jazz-Warriors line of $405,778 MCAP – $111.86 ARP – $68.29 GIP but only offering up 514 SVG.

March 22 – Spurs-Hawks Does Great Things, Mavericks-Suns Does Damage

Whatever the San Antonio-Atlanta game did to restore faith in reselling a Sunday NBA game, the Dallas-Phoenix game may have killed it. With the Spurs-Hawks matchup, they boasted an amazing line of 507 SVG but a $118.86 ARP – $72.86 GIP. But here’s where the rub is, the Mavericks-Phoenix game choked on 1,502 SVG – $39 ARP – $13.57 GIP. These aren’t good numbers for a weekend game against two fairly good opponents each boasting their own brand of basketball.

Heat-Thunder did some fair business with only 320 SVG, shooting off a $109 ARP – $82.43 GIP but it could not help overtake some of the other low-GIP games on the Sunday slate. Those included Hornets-Timberwolves ($15.29 GIP) and Nuggets-Magic ($12.14 GIP).

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