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NBA Secondary Market Recap (March 23-29, 2015)

March 23, 2015

The Memphis Grizzlies-New York Knicks battle at Madison Square Garden opened up with a surprising Monday $1.4 million MCAP with 3,682 SVG sitting out on the marketplace. But that doesn’t mean it was a good thing for resellers, as the ARP was $53.86 against a $77.46 MLP – $30.57 GIP. This is one of the major issues that resellers have to overcome, flooding the marketplace with too much inventory.

Three of the NBA games had the floor drop out of their GIPs, allowing patrons to get-in for next to nothing. The service fees might have been higher than the GIPs. Celtics at Brooklyn: $10.43 GIP, Houston at Indiana: $7.57 GIP, Minnesota at Utah: $7.14 GIP. Perhaps those teams should offer a buy-back program to resellers, in order to avoid allowing pricing so low on the secondary market.

Only the Washington Wizards-Golden State Warriors resale market was anything to sneeze about, sporting a line of $120.57 ARP – $144.29 MLP – $55.43 GIP with only 670 SVG available.

March 24, 2015

San Antonio’s annual battle with the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center sported the highest resale of the night, with a line of $116.57 ARP – $131.36 MLP – $54.86 GIP – 2,216 SVG. This was a $1.9 million MCAP against a $852k BASE. Golden State’s visit up to Portland was a $112.86 ARP, but with only 770 SVG on the marketplace, it is hard to judge the actual resale demand with only a $631k MCAP.

The NBA should be deeply concerned about the Toronto-Detroit game’s resale market. Not only was there a wide availability of tickets on the marketplace (2,306 SVG), but the GIP was $3.71. One of the lowest-seen this year in the NBA, if not the lowest available. Except that on March 25, the Philadelphia-Denver game sported a $4.86 GIP, meaning that tickets can always be sold for lower on the secondary.

March 25, 2015

There were some fair pricing battles for resale in the high-90s, between the Clippers-Knicks ($91.14 ARP) and Cavaliers-Grizzlies ($90.57 ARP), but the majority of the marketplace was flat and indifferent. The Pacers-Wizards game had a flooded basement of 3,030 SVG with a line of $34.43 ARP – $43 MLP – $10 GIP. Seven of the 13 NBA games on the slate that night had ticket inventory available for less than $16 GIP.

March 26, 2015

With only one game on the docket, it had to be the Pacers-Bucks, which sported a 1,142 SVG with a $276k MCAP. The line was poor, hitting only $33.86 ARP – $46.43 MLP – $10 GIP.

March 27, 2015

Four of the 13 NBA games played on Friday featured an ARP that hit over $100 on the secondary. That helped the market recover a little from the entire week of down-selling games. Cleveland-Brooklyn ran up the score with a $196.57 ARP – $272.79 MLP – $101.29 GIP, featuring the only GIP above $100. Heat-Hawks ($134.71 ARP), Mavericks-Spurs ($125.14 ARP), and Timberwolves-Rockets ($103.57 ARP) did their part in keeping the resale value high enough as the NBA turned toward the weekend games.

Of course, the Jazz-Nuggets game did sport a $8.71 GIP. Four of the 13 NBA games had a GIP of less than $20.

March 28, 2015

The Knicks-Bulls at the United Center was the clear winner of the day, offering up a $117.29 ARP – $182.14 MLP – $69.14 GIP against 1,102 SVG. The MCAP of $889k was double that of the other four games on the slate, each of which had a GIP higher than $25. Most of the SVG for the remaining games were in the low 850s, meaning that the reselling market was tightly controlled, limiting profitability for its demand.

March 29, 2015

While the Philadelphia-Cleveland game sported a $165 ARP, there was only 434 SVG on the marketplace, limiting the action. Two of the games that shined were the Lakers-Nets ($98.14 ARP – 1,297 SVG) and Clippers-Celtics ($95.14 ARP – 1,881 SVG). While the Thunder-Suns ($77 ARP), Rockets-Wizards ($82 ARP) and Pistons-Heat ($75.86 ARP) did their jobs in keeping up the resale value, Minnesota-New Orleans ($29.86 ARP – $10.57 GIP) was nothing to write home about as the NBA closed the weekend.

Data provided by SeatGeek – Click here for secondary market definitions, glossary and abbreviations of terms.

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