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NBA Secondary Market Recap Report – March 2-8, 2015

The NBA had an inventory issue at the Barclays Center for The Brooklyn Nets’ three games March 2-8, 2015. The BC averaged 3,693 seats available for sale on the secondary market for its three contests, including a 4,430-seat availability offering on March 4 against the Charlotte Hornets. Sell pricing began at $30 for the 7-day outlay, then showed some minor shaking from $29 for the next days, then up to $35, before hitting $32 on day of tip-off, averaged $31 overall.

Conversely, The Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City had the least amount available in the NBA during that time frame, averaging 473 total seats on the market during the 7-day outlay prior to tip. Tickets averaged $46 for the 76ers-Thunder contest March 4 and $79 for the Toronto-Thunder March 8.

NBA Secondary Dumped By Milwaukee-Nuggets Seat Outlay

The Milwaukee Bucks’ visit to the Denver Nuggets March 3 caused the biggest 7-day outlay of seat inventory on the secondary market for the entire NBA during that period, with a 5,782-seat availability offering. Tickets for this contest averaged $20, dropping from $32 from the original 7-day outlay down to $14 at the 3-day mid-point, picking up slowly to $18 on the day of the tip.

This trend for the Bucks-Nuggets stayed until 2-days out from tip, when inventory dropped from 5,190 to 2,620. The Bucks were also the smallest 7-day outlay at 593 seats available when Milwaukee visited Oracle Arena to face the Golden State Warriors March 4 with tickets hitting $101 on the 7-day outlay for the secondary market. Inventory actually jumped up 208 seats from the 7-day to the 6-day, then steadily diminished as tip-off approached as pricing held steadily to an $87 average before settling at $69 on day of tip.

The smallest mid-point, 3-day outlay inventory seat offering was the L.A. Clippers visit to the Golden State Warriors March 8, where the entire secondary averaged 449 seats overall and only 391 with 3 days prior to tip. Tickets sold on the secondary at the 7-day outlay for $227, then averaged $198 for the entire period, settling at $141 on day of tip.

Cleveland-Atlanta Game Posts Highest Sales Price During Period

The Cleveland Cavaliers visit to the Atlanta Hawks March 6 averaged the highest sales price for NBA resellers during this period, hitting a $217 strong-point with a $246 high-watermark at the 7-day outlay. Caught in the doldrums was the Detroit Pistons visit to the New Orleans Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center March 4 where secondary tickets sold for $20 and dropped to $15 on day of tip. The Pistons-Pelicans secondary averaged 2,352 seats available, and appeared to only liquidate a 500-600 from the 7-day outlay to day of tip.

Golden State’s traveling circus did wonders for the secondary on March 2 with a $113 posting, where the average resale price for the other four games combined was $39. The Warriors’ high-watermark was at $126 on the 4-day outlay, dropped by $8 to $118 to the 3-day outlay midpoint, then charged up again to a $125 offering before settling in $108 and $107 sell for the last two days respectively. All of this was despite having 1,770 seats averaging out on the secondary, with 2,457 available at the 7-day outlay start.

What Golden State-Brooklyn game accomplished on March 2, the Boston Celtics-Cleveland Cavaliers obliterated on March 3, where Quicken Loans Arena posted a $165 average ticket resale with a $204 sales posting at the 6-day outlay against 984 tickets on the market place at that time. The other games March 3 averaged $53, making a wide differential chasm of $112. The Sacramento Kings-New York Knicks would have, in many ways, been the giant of the day at a $77 sales average against 1,590 seats average on the market, but were overtaken by the Quicken Loans Arena juggernaut.

There were several NBA games vying for the top secondary market title for March 4. The Cavaliers visit to the Raptors at the Air Canada Centre presented the highest average of the night at $125 against a 1,453-seat availability average, but the highest 7-day outlay price belonged to the Memphis-Houston game at the Toyota Center, where a $141 sales posting was had against 2,611 seats available on the marketplace at that time. Not to be outdone, the Lakers-Heat game at the American Airlines Center in Miami had a $135 listing at the 7-day outlay (3,232 tickets available). Despite all of the glory of a high secondary resale at for those three games, the bottom 6 of that night averaged $31 each, with three of those contests falling below $30 in average sales pricing.

While it was a light schedule for the NBA on March 5, the Thunder-Bulls game at the United Center aimed to please, with a $122 average sales posting and a 3-day midpoint price of $126 against only 2,447 seats on the market average. Though not as high, the Mavericks-Trail Blazers match-up in the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter held its ground, having a respectable $63 per ticket resale average on the secondary with a paltry 1,245-seat availability average.

Suns-Cavaliers Surprises, Grizzlies-Pelicans Does Not

The Cleveland-Atlanta game March 6 at the Philips Arena had a huge secondary impact, with a $217 average posting ($229 at the 3-day midpoint average). The Mavericks-Warriors game at Oracle Arena wasn’t far behind, with a $152 resale average, with a $176 7-day outlay start that fell to $144 by the 3-day midpoint. Part of this issue was likely the 1,209 average ticket availability on the marketplace. Worst offenders of the secondary that might were Sacramento-Orlando at a $29 average (979 average seats on market) and Jazz-76ers at a $27 average (1,391 average seats).

The Suns-Cavaliers dropped the hammer on the secondary resale with a $212 average price March 7 (606 seats average available on the marketplace), including a $232 high watermark set at the 5-day outlay (743 seats available), coming down to $198 by the 3-day midpoint (482 seats available). The Pacers-Knicks game was half of that price on the resale market, with a $98 sales offering, after hitting $108 at the 3-day midpoint and remaining in three figures throughout day of tip. The trouble was too many seats on the marketplace with 1,706 average overall but 3,602 seats offered from the 7-day outlay. The Grizzlies-Pelicans’ $43 average resale showing was the worst of the night with 1,888 average seats on the market.

The L.A. Clippers came into Golden State’s Oracle Arena, with a smashing $227 price sales point at the 7-day outlay (733 seats available), winning the secondary on March 8 with a $198 average price (449 average seats available on the marketplace). The Bulls visit to the Spurs did a $115 price offering average (1,065 average seats available) and the Mavericks-Lakers displayed an $82 resale pricing average against 2,149 seats average offered on the secondary. Celtics-Magic ($36) and Hornets-Pelicans ($28) were bottom-feeding the secondary as the worst of Sunday night’s NBA slate.


All data provided by SeatGeek.

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