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NCAA, NIT Final Four Secondary Recap

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four showed off a tremendous revenue resource for the secondary market. With a $17.083 MCAP for both semi-finals and championships, resellers were hitting on all cylinders with a $1,426 ARP – $980.36 MLP – $522.14 GIP against 1,560 SVG. With a lot of these contests, when the asking price fluctuates, it causes certain periods where the average resale jumps higher than the actual asking price, as the MLP can drop. Specifically, when Kentucky loses out in the Final Four and the resellers transform to a liquidate stage.

NIT Resale Doesn’t Compare to NCAA

NITF4The NIT Men’s Basketball Final Four isn’t as grand, nor as hot on the secondary. By comparison, there were 1,099 SVG against a $52.71 ARP – $30.86 GIP. The $386k MCAP for the NIT shows the stark reality between selling the NCAA Final Four and NIT Final Four games.

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Data: SeatGeek

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