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NHL Secondary Market Recap (April 13-19, 2015)

Winnipeg Jets vs. Anaheim Ducks Series

NHL AnaheimIn Game 1 at the Anaheim Pond, resellers were held to a $72.43 ARP – $47 GIP against 795 SVG which led to a $1.16 million MCAP. With a $108.43 MLP, the series didn’t start well, but by Game 2, that increased to a $112.14 MLP with the MCAP floating a $1.324 million valuation. The $83.86 ARP – $52.57 GIP proved to be a winner for resellers who stuck with the program.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators Series

NHL ChicagoGame 1 in Nashville, the ARP of $149.86 showed off a $101 GIP against 1,344 SVG. This dipped a little by Game 2, where the $1.61 million MCAP didn’t get fully realized despite a $150.57 ARP because of only 805 SVG listed on the marketplace. By Game 3, back in Chicago, everything enhanced, as the $223 ARP – $148.14 GIP was the highest of the series, along with a 1,610 listing average, showing a $2.58 million valuation.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL DetroitOne of the biggest issues of the entire NHL postseason was the supposed “ticket restrictions” by the Tampa Bay Lightning franchise against those buying from Detroit. That’s why there was a 2,010 SVG sitting on the market for Game 1 in Tampa, with a $1.792 million MCAP as a $91.86 ARP – $55.43 GIP was offered up. No Detroit fans, or any fans, were likely turned away that wanted to buy, as the secondary is always more democratic and capitalistic than its primary sibling. By Game 2, the SVG had dropped to 748 but the ARP jumped to $104.29 with a $66.86 GIP.

Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues

NHL MinnesotaGame 1’s SVG was down to 395, the lowest of any NHL playoff game during the April 13-19 week. That didn’t really help the ARP, which sat at $82.14 with a $62.86 GIP. Game 2 actually held a 1,929 SVG but realized a $92 ARP – $67.14 GIP, as the MCAP ballooned to $2.37 million.

Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadiens

NHL MontrealGame 1 in Montreal saw a 2,041 SVG at the Habs’ home, but a $161.71 ARP – $123.71 GIP because St. Catherine’s Street is anything but an ordinary resale. The ARP actually jumped in Game 2 by $17, then jumped again by $6 when the series went back to Ottawa for Game 3. Because Canadian hockey, or Canadiens hockey, is anything but ordinary.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers

NHL PittsburghWhatever anyone wants to say about Madison Square Garden and hockey, they certainly deliver when it comes to a large resale. Both MCAPs were over $4 million, and the average ARP was over $325 for the two games. And that includes a Game 2 SVG of 2,141 which where the $236.43 GIP didn’t stop anyone from buying.

New York Islanders vs. Washington Capitals

NHL VancouverThe Caps’ Game 1-2 were a middling ARP of $100s, while the GIPs were covering only $65-$73 range. But back in New York, where the Islanders began their final playoff campaign in Nassau, the resale jumped, hitting a $4.379 million MCAP with a $187.57 ARP – $156.86 GIP against 1,092 SVG.

Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

NHL WashingtonThe Battle For Western Canada has always been something of an elusive nature to Vancouver, who can never steal it away from Calgary until they win a Stanley Cup. By the way that the resale acted, there wasn’t as much interest in the first two contests in Vancouver, where the resale averaged 900 SVG, but only floated a $125 average ARP. Back in Calgary, the ARP jumped to $294.71 against only 486 SVG, and really stood out for a higher demand back in the Saddledome.

Data: SeatGeek – For A Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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